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We are a leading real estate cluster redevelopment company specializing in the renovation of residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings. We renovate existing properties, give old buildings new life, making them work better and look better.

ANANTAYA, as one of the top redevelopment builders and project management consultants (PMC), focuses on transforming current residential, commercial, and retail properties into impactful and attractive spaces. Our efforts involve renovation, remodels, or repurposing of land parcels to suit the changing needs of communities and businesses. From development agreements to detailed project reports and managing committees, we streamline the entire process, enhancing property values in as quickly as 15 days.

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What we do

Where old meets bold –
transforming spaces,
revitalising places.

ANANTAYA focuses on transforming current residential, commercial and retail properties into contentful and attractive spaces. Our efforts involve renovation, remodels or repurposing of them to suit changing needs of communities and businesses. Knowing that the redevelopment builders in Mumbai are leading the transformation of the cityscape, particularly focusing on the redevelopment of housing society and redevelopment of old buildings, we work in sync with committee members and office bearers of housing societies to ensure a smooth process.

As a prominent redevelopment company in Mumbai, we draft a holistic development agreement that features the utility of floor space index as per the defined guidelines by the municipal corporation. Since the Building redevelopment in Mumbai has become essential due to the aging infrastructure, and numerous underway Mumbai old building redevelopment projects, we at ANANTAYA aim to upgrade the living conditions within society buildings, granting modern standards and ensuring safety regulations.

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Modernising Buildings, Invigorating Locals, And Commercialising Spaces Multiple Use Structures.

Why us

Anantaya transforms
outdated spaces into
modern marvels.

Their projects are marked by a combination of resourceful methods, sustainability features, and progressive technologies that are sensitive to the changing demands of society. Taking into consideration the terms and conditions, they call a special general body meeting and prepare a feasibility report adhering bye laws and well-being of the housing society. Flat owners can rest assured that the adjourned meeting will benefit them owing to precise development control in their carpet area each sq. ft.

Innovative Design

Their various projects are set apart from conventional developments due to Anantaya’s innovative designs that regularly use elements of sustainability, functionality and aesthetic appeal as per takeholders.

Anantaya's Expertise and Quality - Choose Us for Redevelopment Excellence

Anantaya wins accolades for its reliability consistently meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations and depends on the delivering of promises.

Anantaya's Dedication to Customer Satisfaction - Trust Us for Redevelopment Solutions
Quality Construction

Users’ focus on construction of quality properties is one thing that residents/tenants/businesses occupying Anantaya's redeveloped properties do. This stresses durability, comfort, modern amenities provided among other things.

Anantaya's Commitment to Excellence - Why Choose Us?
Community Engagement

Anantaya has been widely recognized in its efforts to engage with the local community throughout the redevelopment process by way of soliciting feedback



Anantaya transforms outdated

Why is redevelopment important?

Redevelopment breathes new life into underutilised areas, improving infrastructure, aesthetics, and overall value. It can also create jobs, boost local economies, and enhance the quality of life for residents.

What are the advantages of redevelopment projects?

Advantages include:

  • Improved Infrastructure: Upgrading roads, utilities, and public transportation systems.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Revitalising neighbourhoods with modern buildings and public spaces.
  • Increased Property Values: Redevelopment often leads to higher property values for surrounding areas.
  • Job Creation: Construction and ongoing business opportunities within the redeveloped area.
  • Community Amenities: Creating parks, community centres, and other amenities for residents.
  • Sustainable Practices: Redevelopment allows opportunities to incorporate eco-friendly materials and technologies.

What types of redevelopment projects do you specialise in?

Residential, Commercial, Mixed-Use, etc.

  • Converting older buildings into modern apartments, revitalising single-family home neighbourhoods.
  • Transforming outdated office buildings, creating mixed-use spaces with retail and residential components.
  • Combining residential, commercial, and office space within a single development.

How does your company approach sustainability in redevelopment projects?

Sustainability is a core value. We prioritise energy-efficient materials/recycled materials/water- saving features and strive for green building certifications/renewable energy sources]whenever possible.

What are some of the challenges associated with redevelopment projects?

Redevelopment can face challenges like:

  • Disruption for residents and businesses during construction.
  • Ensuring fair compensation and relocation assistance for displaced individuals.
  • Balancing the need for modernisation with preserving the historical or architectural character of an area.
  • Managing unforeseen costs or delays during the project.

How does your company address the concerns of residents and businesses impacted by redevelopment?

We prioritise open communication and community engagement. We hold meetings, create online forums, and actively listen to concerns. We offer relocation assistance programs, and strive to minimise disruption through construction planning.

How can residents or businesses get involved in the redevelopment process?

We encourage community participation! We hold public meetings, workshops, and online forums to gather resident/business input throughout the planning and construction phases. Additionally, we have dedicated community liaison personnel to answer questions and address concerns

What is your company's vision for the future of redevelopment?

We envision redevelopment as a tool for creating vibrant, sustainable communities. We believe in projects that not only improve infrastructure and aesthetics but also foster social interaction, economic growth, and a sense of place for residents.

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